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  • What type of electronics do you accept?
    WE TAKE ANYTHING WITH A CORD! Some examples of items we accept include: Phones Flat Screen Televisions PC's (personal computers)* Desktop Computers/CPU's* Laptops/Notebooks* Servers* Mainframe computers* Computer Attachments (Keyboard & Mouse) Dehumidifiers Scanners Printers Fax Machines* Power Supplies Systems Photocopiers* Telephone Systems Computer Board/Parts Flat Screen Monitors Household Appliances Electric Motors Integrated Circuits Microphones VCR/DVD Players Gaming Systems (Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, etc.) Surge Protectors CD Players Cell Phones* Aluminum, copper, brass, steel *All Devices containing memory or data will be destroyed upon request.
  • Do you accept televisions as a donation?
    Yes! We do take Flat Screen televisions, but cannot accept the older CRT model TVs.
  • When and where can I drop off my donations?
    You can drop-off items at: 320 South Craft Hwy Chickasaw, AL 36611 Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. or at The Mobile County Recycling Center 7450 Hitt Road Mobile, AL 36695 Monday - Saturday 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  • Do you offer a Pickup Service?
    Yes! We only offer pick up service for local businesses. To set up a time for us to pick up e-waste from your company, please click here >> Schedule a Pickup We do not pick up from private residents at this time. A list of drop off locations is in the FAQ.
  • Will my device's memory be erased or destroyed upon my donation?
    Yes! All Devices containing memory or data will be destroyed upon request.
  • Are my electronic dontations tax deductible?
    Yes! All items donated are eligible for a tax deduction!
  • I am interested in hosting a recycling event. Who should I contact?
    We would love to help you host a recycling event. Please click here >> Host a Recycling Event
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