What type of electronics do you accept?

Some examples of items we accept include: Phones PC's (personal computers)* Desktop Computers/CPU's* Laptops/Notebooks* Servers* Mainframe computers* Computer Attachments (Keyboard & Mouse) Dehumidifiers Scanners Printers Fax Machines* Power Supplies Systems Photocopiers* Telephone Systems Computer Board/Parts Flat Screen Monitors Household Appliances Electric Motors Integrated Circuits Microphones VCR/DVD Players Gaming Systems (Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, etc.) Surge Protectors CD Players Cell Phones* Aluminum, copper, brass, steel *All Devices containing memory or data will be destroyed upon request. We do not take televisions at this time.

Are my electronic dontations tax deductible?

Yes! All items donated are eligible for a tax deduction!

Do you offer a Pickup Service for larger quantity donations?

Yes! To schedule a pickup for large quantities please click here >> Schedule a Pickup

When and where can I drop off my donations?

You can drop-off items at: 320 South Craft Hwy Chickasaw, AL 36611 Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

I am interested in hosting a recycling event. Who should I contact?

We would love to help you host a recycling event. Please click here >> Host a Recycling Event

Will my device's memory be erased or destroyed upon my donation?

Yes! All Devices containing memory or data will be destroyed upon request.

Do you accept televisions as a donation?

No, we are sorry. We do not taking televisions at this time.